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Since 1995, TomGuide Translations has dealt with many types of technical, economical and legal and general translation. Our original language pair (English - Czech) is now extended also by German, French, Italian and Spanish translations. In all texts translations we use a comprehensive database (dictionary) of proven Czech/English terms used in the relevant industry while precisely selecting the new terms in order to best match the context sense. Our long-term practice guarantees the accuracy and professional level of  our translations in view of their contents.

Many translations, such as those of manuals, presentations, booklets, reports, etc. are generally underestimated in view of their contents - this is particularly due to the negligence of fundamental factual errors caused by poor or non-professional translation. Also, language and formal aspects are often falsely made superior to those of factual contents. For example, a properly authored and/or translated manual is vital for the product being sold not only because of the conformity with the laws in force (such as homologations, etc.) but mainly because of providing the user with necessary information, without which he or she may often be confused or all at sea. The main purpose of manuals and other technical documentation is providing comprehensive information on a product's set-up and operation, connecting in the system, maintenance as well as using all of the product's functions and features. A quality manual should also cover the information relevant to the product's industry within a reasonable scope.

The services we offer our customers are based on our belief that any translation should be free of all the aforementioned weaknesses while considering the translation's industry specialization first. To download some samples of our translations including source and target language, please click here.

Why should you select just us? You'll get the following benefits:

  • "Turnkey" translation, meaning that we create the final document including all graphics so that it matches the 1:1 ratio with respect to the original as much as possible in case of manuals, for example.
  • We translate and localize also documents that are difficult to edit, such as merely graphic PDF files.
  • No extra charges for graphics, references to DTP studios, etc., which means you don't pay twice (for translation plus graphics) unlike many others.
  • In case of English translations and the graphic layout solution of all translations you deal directly with the translator and final author in one person.
  • We co-operate with verified translators and/or native speakers only.
  • Test piece free of charge.
  • Expert knowledge and proficiency in a given field.
  • Unlike many others, we don't offer the translations of all languages and fields of specialization that exist in the world, but only those where high quality can be guaranteed.
  • We may translate your manual / user instructions with reference to a borrowed equipment, which significantly improves the bottom line translation, eliminating any deviations that would otherwise leak from the original.
  • We also work over the weekends without any extra charges.
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